Trevor Lawrence praises Steelers fans, addresses ‘little terrible towel’ comment after Jaguars win

PITTSBURGH — Trevor Lawrence smiled and adjusted his hoodie when asked about a comment he made days prior to Sunday’s win over the Steelers.

Lawrence, who threw for 292 yards in the Jaguars’ 20-10 win, was asked if he was aware that his “little terrible towel” comment had made waves in Pittsburgh leading up to the game. “I heard,” said Lawrence, who has now won 12 of his last 14 starts, including the postseason.

While he could have been upset that his comment was taken out of context, Lawrence looked at the situation with the perspective of a veteran player.

“I don’t really really care,” Lawrence continued. “Fans do that. It’s part of what makes this game great. It’s fuel. You want to hate your opponent when they come in and make it as hard as possible on them. Totally understand that. I hope our fans do that in Jacksonville, too.

“No problem with that. It was great. I thought we played pretty clean with the noise minus a couple of things. I thought we communicated pretty well. Great environment. The fans were loud. They did a great job, too, but we found a way. It was great.”

Trevor Lawrence on his “little terrible towel” comment. #Steelers

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Prior to the game, Steelers Hall of Fame coach Bill Cowher playfully grilled Lawrence for his terrible towel comment. Lawrence’s performance on Sunday probably didn’t make the former Steelers coach feel much better.

Despite being hit several times by the Steelers defense, Lawrence completed 75% of his throws that included his game-winning, 56-yard touchdown pass to former college teammate Travis Etienne.

“I don’t think we’ve ever thrown the ball to the running back out there,” Lawrence said of the touchdown pass. “Gotta give a lot of credit to Travis for staying ready and knowing what the look was. They played a Cover 2. The corner jumped our out (Calvin Ridley), and Travis was just rolling down the sideline.

“The safety, really instead of getting high over the top, he drove as well. I think he thought I was throwing it to Calvin, too. Got fortunate I put enough air on it because that could have been bad; he had a jump on it if I threw it flat. Travis making a great play down the field. That’s a tough play for the running back. Him being able to haul it and score was a huge play for us.”


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While it wasn’t pretty, the Jaguars won a tough game against a Pittsburgh team that also has playoff aspirations. In the process, Jacksonville became the second AFC team to win six games.

“It means that we’ve still got more to work for,” Lawrence said when asked if the Jaguars are a Super Bowl contender. “We’re not the best team in the league. We’ve still got more out there for us. … It would be great if this decided the playoffs and all that right now, but it doesn’t. We’ve got nine games left. We also know that last year, we were 3-7 going into the bye and we made the playoffs and won a playoff game.

“Honestly, it means nothing,” Lawrence continued. “It means we’ve had a great start to the season. We’re in a really good position going forward, but we’ve got a lot of big games ahead of us after this bye and a lot of good teams, too. We’re just getting started.”

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